Tight Shoulders and Neck Tool-The Stick


Here it the massage tool I’ve been telling you guys about. It is used for runners and athletes to give deep tissue massages to IT bands, hamstring and quads, but it works great for your neck.  And, if you put one of the handles on that spot between your shoulders and lay on it, then pull to message with the opposite hand, you can be free of the stiff-shoulders tightness in minutes. After spending months with a chiropractor, post-car accident, I was introduced to this tool by a runner friend. My chiropractor now includes it in his wellness program.

I sound like a salesman… I usually do when I find a trick that works. I’m not a doctor and I don’t think anyone is confused enough to think I am. But I better put it in here, just in case, wink.

There are other Sticks out there, but some aren’t the same length and some don’t have the finger grips built the same way, and some have a different flex-resistance to them. Hope this is helpful.

Here’s to lllloooooong hours spent writing.

I did make this an Amazon affiliate link so you wouldn’t have to guess which one I was describing on Periscope. It doesn’t cost you anymore to bless me.


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