Slingshot Week


Slingshot week

That’s what I heard the week between Christmas and New Years called.

When I was a kid, my brothers, the neighbor boys and I all had wrist-rockets. I have sunny, summer memories of sitting on the ground and picking the dirt underneath us bare of pebbles, shooting every sized rock, marble and ball-bearing we could find. We had contest after contest firing at dinged-up pop cans.


And with all that practice it was a REAL competition.

We became slingshot-sharp-shooters. One of the neighbor boys, Tommy, was a little more ruthless and pegged a sitting bird off a power-line.

Comparing the week between Christmas and the New Year to a slingshot gives me hope.

Why, you ask?

Because I can look backwards at 2015 and all the years before and gather the areas I’ve already heard from the Lord and practiced. I can fling the good of those experiences into this New Year.

What an advantage.

Every New Year we are presented with a clean-slate beginning, but we aren’t the same. We’ve had a whole year to get good enough at something to peg a pop can.

Sure, all that practice held its moments of failure and sometimes pain, but when you gather them and push foreward, you create momentum and precision. In a sense, you can become a sharp-shooter for the days, goals and resolutions coming.

So here’s to you being so skilled, blessed and practiced that you nail your goals.

I wanted to say, “So here’s to you being so skilled, blessed and practiced that you peg the bird off the wire.” But that sounds so mean. We’ll leave the birds to Tommy. (laughing)


Happy New Year and may your 2016 be better than all the years proceeding!


One thought on “Slingshot Week

  1. Slingshots were great entertainment as kids, my brother is a good shot, but I think I fell more into the category of “you’ll shoot your eye out.” Love this analogy.
    Time for reflection and gearing up for the next clean slate, sign me up! Clever idea, it’s such a peculiar time of year.

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