What is Periscope and How do I begin?


I love periscope. It is a great place to connect with people and really get a chance to hear their heart and expertise. My Periscope handle is @caragrandle

If you are new to Periscope then watch this video that explains what it is about.

I hope you will come find me. I scope positive, encouraging scopes. You can find my previous scopes on Katch.me Here.


2 thoughts on “What is Periscope and How do I begin?

  1. i figured this is where i would start to explore your website, since i found you on periscope! i love periscope for many reasons as a viewer, although as the months begin to pass the more overwhelming it is! whether it’s the recommendations/”invites” or the choosing amidst the natural flow of everyone (atleast who i’m subscribed to seemingly)broadcasting at once… still, i am tickled by the little whistle sound of periscope, it always makes me smile! …also their logo, is pure GENIUS!

    i really have been enjoying your scopes, and if i dare to broadcast myself, i think i will strive to have a format something similar to how i see yours: one structured schedule/”planned programming” and then freestyle whatever whenever! the other thing i absolutely adore about your scopes (&what i love in life!) is, SHOW & TELL !! so, thanks and thanks again for that, i find it so helpful to see somebody else’s process!

    pleased to meet you Cara, i love your style and look forward to learning more about you (like, the pre launch, pit crew i heard you mention!?) and from you… i can’t wait to see your video interviews & explore your fb group. also, as i told you tuesday, i’ve already incorporated a 52 TUESDAYs page into my planner(aka NRT balance sheet)! & no better timing for me, since i really need to get cracking writing (& WHO doesn’t need encouragement!!!?!!) thanks and praise!

    • I’m so impressed Celia. Make sure you let me know if you ever brave up and scope. It’s intimidating at first but gets better as you go forward. I love periscope. I’ve grown up in the same town and area for all of my life and I married a local boy. We love raising our family around family. So periscope has made my world bigger without the effort of leaving home. I look forward to seeing you around.

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