Mesu Andrews


It was wonderful for Mesu Andrews to come today and share all the ups and downs of her publication journey. After overworking herself lead to six-months in bed sick, she went from being a sought after speaker to a writer.

And then on the word of a good friend something else pretty special happened…

Watch the two part interview to see for yourself.

If you feel like you’re growing weary with the length of time it’s taking for your craft to unfold, be reminded, Mesu took twelve years to create her first novel.

Cough…12! Twelve.

There is room enough for you. AND your timeline is in the Lord’s hands. Stay the course.

Nice to know He has good plans in store for you. Cough…12! Twelve.

If you loved the look of Mesu’s new book and want to get your hands on it. Here is an affiliate link that will take you right to it. Enjoy!

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Breathe in courage. Exhale fear.


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