Fingerprints and Authenticity


I’m amazed at how unique fingerprints are. Can you imagine if they weren’t?

Crime TV would be in trouble.

Fingerprints are an impressive sign of our complex design. How many other markers are there inside the way we’ve been made that show off our individuality?

And yet, I see our culture pushing for two conflicting ideals. First they embrace the fingerprint by telling us to be as unique as possible—to do whatever we can to mark ourselves as valuable for yourself and yourself alone. But then there is the other cultural push, a group mentality that says, if you don’t go along with what we say or what we believe then you’re value system is off—you should change yourself to be more like us—you’ll be more valuable if you’re more like us.

The buzzword these days is authenticity. I love the idea of it, but what is authenticity? To be authentic is to be your true self, to be real. But what is that? If you are attempting to fit in or go with the flow aren’t you doing that in a very authentic way? The way only you can?

We are uniquely and individually made, just like our fingerprint, there’s no way around it. Even if there are hurts, pains, and frustrations mixed into the dough that makes up the bread of you, there’s no other person on the planet that has your same personality, your gifts, your experiences, and your God-given skills and talent. Even if you are trying to “fit in” you are doing it in an authentic way, because even if you fake it and live a pretense, you can’t fake YOU. You, is all you have.

There is a search going on. The search for peace and rest, the search for authenticity covers the real search—the search for contentment.

Not contentment with our surroundings or contentment with the season of life we are in, but contentment that reminds us of who we’re made for and why that matters.

The scriptures that say we are made for HIS GOOD PLEASURE and the things He would lead us to do for HIS GOOD PLEASURE fill me with fathomless beauty. They fill me with a stand-by-the-ocean-and-marvel awe. Inside HIS GOOD PLEASURE is soul-contentment thicker than peanut butter.


Can you imagine?

Phillipians 2:13 For it is [not your strength, but it is] God who is effectively at work in you, both to will and to work [that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in you the longing and the ability to fulfill your purpose] for His good pleasure.

I believe, the quest for true authenticity is not finding out who you are on your own strength through accomplishment or sacrifice or as compared to all other humanity. It’s finding out who you are created to be from the one who designed you. The search alone pleases Him. Authenticity isn’t a social question of how you fit in or if you can stand out. It’s one that combines all aspects of your person: spirit, soul, and body and laying them in Jesus.

The more I can understand Him, the more I understand the way He sees me, the more I can understand why He made me. And with that understanding, comes rest. Rest in the freedom to be as uniquely me and real and authentically His as humanly possible.

Sometimes when I hear people speak of authenticity it seems they expect an experience, a deep gut-wrenching emotional quest to find true-self. But authenticity can be found in the everyday, mundane and boring. Authenticity comes when we find contentment.

Contentment, our greatest self, comes when we hear Him, whether it be surrounded by a crowd or in solitude.

Sometimes when we find this kind of contentment, we can also feel restless. Could that be because we aren’t home yet?

C.S Lewis said it best, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

And if that’s the case, then our contentment, the hope for authentic living, comes wrapped in the package of trust. Do you trust that He really will navigate your steps through this life?

There is no greater expression of love than a freely submitted will. A heart that says “As you wish.” like in the movie Princess Bride.

Brother Lawrence said it this way, “Let us often remember, Dear Friend, that our sole occupation in life is to please God.”

There is nothing more satisfying on earth than to be HIS GOOD PLEASURE.

“As you wish, Jesus, designer of my fingerprint.”


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