Author Interview with Erin Taylor Young


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Let me introduce to you the clever and talented humor writer, Erin Taylor Young. She has a lot of resources for us to glean from. I hope you benefit from her expertise as much as I have.

author interveiw

She has a lot to share with us this morning on The Writers Encouragement Show.

Here are a few questions we will answer:

  • How did you figure out you were a humor writer?

  • What other genres have you written for?

  • As a part of a small publishing house, what information would you give a new writer? (Link to Redbudpress )There is a special submission offer for this publishing house inside the scope.

  • What is Write From the Deep?

And here are a few of her great points:

  • You have something to say

  • Follow direction…next right thing.

  • Conferences. Why should you?

  • It takes time.

  • Listen to what other people say about you.

  • Discover yourself.

If you thought her book about Crazy Henry looked like fun. Here it is:

 Erin is a part of this great craft book with some big hitting names. It will only be banded together in this fashion through the end of February. So get it while it’s hot. haha.

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Breathe in courage. Exhale fear.


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