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We had a great interview with author Candee Fick today.

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I hope you will enjoy learning from her.

Candee wrote for 10, yes TEN,  years before she received a contract.

She also shares her experience with winning writers conferences, working with a small publishing house, and publishing without an agent.


Here is a link to her book. (It is affiliate, but it’s for your convenience.)

If you are interested in being a part of a launch team to help Candee send her second romance out in style please contact her with this email.

During the interview Candee gave us her preferred craft books. Here they are:

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4 thoughts on “Author Candee Fick

  1. i chose this interview first, since the name i see ‘live’ most often on your scope is Candee’s (& i have a note to “check her out!” after having jot down “the 5 Fs “)! So lovely to ‘meet you’ Candee, thanks so much for sharing your experiences, both personal and professional… Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!!! (…and MORE show and tell, please!) Great resources!!! & i’ve just followed you on goodreads as a reminder to “check her out” & …to book review!!! (perfect timing, as one of my 2017 commitments: writing MINI reviews on goodreads!)

    what a fantastic website, Cara! Fun & informative!! i’m definitely going to invest in (& had never heard of) scrivener! i don’t think i’ll even do a trial, just right to writing(rather than thinking) because, as i type, i am surrounded by index cards, post it notes…. and it’s on sale! again, what timing! i might just get moving sooner than i thought! I should probably get back into the habit of proper punctuation, or at least good grammar and (limited)punctuation! (well, I can at least try!)

    • Hi Celia. I love hearing from you here. I saw you find me all over the place and it was a boost to my confidence. I hope you love scrivener as much as I do. It is so helpful. Don’t forget we are doing a STAY-cation writers retreat on Jan 24th-28th. It would be fun to see you dig in with us.

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