In 2011 I ran my first marathon. I trained hard, worked through injury, read articles, and listened to others with more experience. When race day came, I went for it. I came around the last corner with only .2 of a mile to go. The streets were lined with people waiting to cheer their loved ones over the finish line. When it was my turn to run past, they cheered for me as if I was their own. It was a real life “Eye of the Tiger” moment. Those cheering fans had never met me. They didn’t know I was putting feet to a long-time dream. Their words became the fuel I no longer had. “Keep going. You’ve come this far. You can do it. Finish strong!”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, writing is a Marathon. It’s part of who you are, or at least who you’re choosing to become, and it takes years. It’s a slow process that happens on the inside first where no one is watching—or reading. Just like with a marathon there is hard training, possible injury, articles to read and there are always people with more experience from whom you can learn. So many times on the internet I have read about another writer’s experience only to have their words become the perfect help for me.

So even though I still consider myself a rookie with plenty of training still in front of me, I’d like to share the things that have helped me. I hope to be one of those fans on the sideline of your marathon saying things that fuel your journey just when you need it most.
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